G20 and Beyond: a digital diplomacy primerKaynak:   G20LIVE DIGITAL | DIPLOMACY | ENGAGEMENT | INFLUENCE   Ekleyen:  Mustafa Saka   11-16-2015 09:41:14
That the world has changed dramatically in the past two decades is a self-evident truth, but some of those sea-changes have directly affected the way we conduct public policy an diplomacy. For starters, we have witnessed an exponential rise in the multiplicity of non-state actors that today play a major role in domestic and international politics. The growing international activism of subnational authorities –whether state or local- and of civil society as a whole, including home-gown or global non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and corporations, has marked the global interaction of our times. Today the Nation-State has lost the monopoly of international power and information, and is no longer the sole entity that determines how countries and societies relate to one another on the world stage. This has contributed to the dispersion of power, action and actors, creating in the process a more horizontal and fragmented playing field.

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