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Our mission at Retail TouchPoints is simply to provide executives in customer-facing roles with relevant, insightful content across a variety of digital mediums. While research has shown a significant shift by retailers towards investment in customer-facing technologies, a surprisingly high number of retailers still don’t have a CRM strategy they are satisfied with or a program to build or measure customer loyalty. Clearly there is still a lot of work to be done a lot of information to be gathered.

In addition, the role of operations will play an increasingly larger role as new in-store technologies emerge and retailers look to differentiate themselves from the competition by providing an optimal shopping experience.

By providing content in formats that is easy to access and share with peers, our goal is to create a platform that helps to connect retail executives together with peers and solution providers who have unique knowledge into specialized areas of customer service, customer experience and marketing measurement.

Our goal is to be a resource for both readers and marketers and provide a quality experience for both. In order to continue to build a community around improving the customer experience, we plan to build Advisory Board Groups to share their expertise and insights, as well as to help point out the voids where new research and thought leadership will best serve the industry.

And finally for marketers, we will utilize Web 2.0 technologies—including virtual trade shows, e-newsletters, and e-books— to provide new and different ways to connect with customers and prospects that is both measurable and actionable.

We welcome your feedback and appreciate your consideration.
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