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MedCity News produces events that discuss innovations and changes in healthcare. Join us in 2018 for MedCity INVEST May 1-2 in Chicago, MedCity CONVERGE July 11-12 in Philadelphia, Medcity INVEST Twin Cities October 11 in Minneapolis and MedCity ENGAGE November 6-7 in San Diego. MedCity events focus on a converged ecosystem (no silos) that brings together all sectors of healthcare. provides B2B decision makers news on the entire innovation ecosystem in healthcare. Our events are amplified by the power of, where we cover our events for an audience of nearly a quarter-million unique visitors monthly.

No one else is writing about healthcare innovation in the way it is now: a total converged ecosystem (no silos) in which technology, healthcare reform and other factors have forced different sectors to work together (payers, medtech, pharma, digital, provider, and others). MedCity is an invaluable source for innovation, B2B insider insights, and what’s changing healthcare.

“Everyone is a publisher” in healthcare. So B2B leaders not only need to be enriched by content, they need their own content for their companies. MedCity News, a master of modern healthcare content, also has a content marketing services division that creates made-to-order content for organizations.
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