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ShippingWatch would like to encourage its readers to participate in an active and interesting debate. We appreciate contributions that help add nuance and contribute knowledge to the conversation. We honor free speech, and you’re free to participate.

However, we ask that you comply with Watch Medier’s general debate guidelines, listed below.

Comments which fail to comply with the guidelines will be removed. Contributors who repeatedly violate the guidelines will be banned from participating in the debate.

Comments can be removed if they:

- Contain threats, libel, harassment, feature racist content or in other ways violate applicable legislation. - Contain personal information. - Are written in an aggressive tone of voice – including profanities, personal attacks and excessive use of capital letters. - Are not relevant to the debate in question. - Have marketing purposes. - Violate copyright laws. - Are spam. - Are written under a false name.

You are personally responsible for the comments you contribute, but ShippingWatch will react to complaints and remove comments from the public site if they violate our guidelines.

Comments removed by ShippinhWatch will still be visible to you and your personal network on Facebook.

Where a guideline has been violated and you have been notified, you cannot expect ShippingWatch to further discuss the decision to remove a comment or ban a user.
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