Özgür Doğan
Pazarlama Direktörü,

 İcra Kurulu Üyesi

"‘Nothing great was achieved without enthusiasm’"

Ralph Waldo Emerson

As the Chief Marketing Officer, Ozgur is responsible for increasing customer value, improving marketing ROI and maximizing effectiveness of all digital and offline channels at Hepsiburada, Turkey’s leading e-commerce company.

Previously, Ozgur was the General Manager of Data Solutions Group at Merkle, which is the largest privately-held customer relationship marketing agency and the fastest-growing agency of any discipline in the U.S for 2013. At Merkle, Ozgur oversaw the delivery of analytically driven digital and offline marketing solutions for Merkle’s clients.

Ozgur has 15+ years of experience in building data driven marketing solutions for many Fortune 500 clients integrating digital and offline media. Ozgur’s marketing experience stretches across many functional areas such as strategy, analytics, technology, data content and many clients, including DIRECTV, T Rowe Price, Procter&Gamble, Life Line, AARP, Citi and 21st Century.

Ozgur is the recipient of multiple awards within Merkle, including the Exceptional Client, Operational Excellence, Database Marketing Excellence and the Chairman’s Award, which is the highest recognition within Merkle. Ozgur has spoken at various Marketing Events globally. Ozgur holds a B.S degree in industrial engineering and an MBA degree with a focus on marketing and management information systems from the University of Georgia.
Uzmanlık Alanları
  • E-ticaret
  • Çok Kanallı Pazarlama
  • e-CRM
  • Data Analizi (Veri Madenciliği)
  • Yazıları

  • Customer Value Measurement and Optimization
  • Optimizing Your Multichannel Media Mix


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