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In print B&T’s six issues a year are dense, journal-like collectables that pay homage to the creativity, humour, insight and innovation that spins our advertising-driven world.

Online B&T focuses on delivering daily intelligence on the marketing, media and advertising industries within Australia and further afield. B&T’s commitment to journalism moves well beyond the usual daily news cycles with in-depth premium content, visual nourishment, insightful opinion, and the guarantee of genuine thought-provoking exclusive content.
In person, B&T curates a series of events each year that punctuate the calendar and draw thousands of delegate, such as 30 Under 30, Women in Media, the B&T Awards and helping out with disruption conference Daze of Disruption.

Founded 65 years ago B&T was a magazine. Decades have past, delivery has changed, but excellence remains.
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  • Coca-Cola’s Chief Digital Officer On “Kissing The Past Hello”
  • PHD’s Chief Digital Officer Predicts Consumer Funnel Will “Shatter” By 2025
  • News Corp’s Mark Drasutis Joins IAG As Chief Digital Officer
  • ntegrity Hires Microsoft Yammer Lead To Head Up Digital Transformation


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