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As the world's leading source of news and information about Internet-based application programming interfaces (APIs), is known as the Web's defacto journal of the API economy. Since it was founded in 2005, ProgrammableWeb has been chronicling the daily evolution of the global API economy while amassing the Web's most relied-on directory when it comes to discovering and searching for APIs to use in Web and mobile applications. In 2014, Gartner identified ProgrammableWeb as one of several “Cool Vendors” in Information Innovation. ProgrammableWeb is also the most widely-cited source of data when it comes to the inclusion of API-related statistics in the mainstream media, conferences, whitepapers, and other forms of research.

ProgrammableWeb is where you can keep-up with what's new and interesting in a world where the Web is a programmable platform. When we say "the Web is a platform," we are referring to how Web-based and mobile applications are enabled by Internet-based APIs. For example, the way in which the developers of many location-aware applications are able to incorporate Google Maps into their wares with just a few lines of code (using the Google Maps API).

New stakeholders are joining the API economy everyday. Whether they are Web and mobile app developers who are looking to discover the true power of Internet-based APIs or they are companies with an eye on making such APIs privately or publicly available to developers, ProgrammableWeb is the perfect resource for honing their expertise, discovering best practices, keeping up on the latest news, and developing their own thought leadership when it comes to the API economy.
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