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''Innovation”, as the genius Steve Jobs memorably put it, “distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” For the Otto Group, being a pioneer means transforming established business models into e-commerce success with creativity, courage and speed. In this, the Group benefits from its core attitude of spotting technological developments early and making these useful for our customers. An example of this is our venture into e-commerce in 1995 with, as one of the very first German retailers to do so. The Otto Group’s outstanding market position in global online retail today, with over 100 Webshops in 20 countries on three continents, originates from this same power of innovation.

Today we once again face great leaps in technology. In just a few years we will be able to experience how the obstacles in online shopping today – the inability to feel the goods and the issue of immediate availability, for instance – will be solved to a great extent by technological and logistical advances. At the same time, over-the-counter (OTC) retail is being radically digitalised and virtualised, which when taken together implies a seamless merger of sales channels in future. With the aid of Big Data and Predictive Analytics, retailers will be able to understand their customers better and even predict their needs. The Otto Group has already set the course for a thoroughly digital future by building teams of highly qualified experts and establishing a direct link to the source of innovation in digital business: the many outstanding entrepreneurs and their promising business ideas. As a family company, the Otto Group is able to act independently of the demands of the capital market and uses this freedom to nurture business ideas and actively shape the future of commerce.
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