CEOtoCEO meets the unique business needs of CEOs, business owners, and company presidents by connecting them with peers who confront similar challenges and opportunities every day.
CEOtoCEO is a platform for members to interact with one another to solve common problems, collaborate on sensitive topics and share insights live and online.

The CEOtoCEO platform has four major components:

CEOtoCEO Breakfast Series

This is an established forum exclusively for CEOs, presidents, and Business owners of companies with revenues over $1M and more than one employee. We have speakers who are proven CEOs share their experiences, views and unique insights. Group discussions feature timely topics that are relevant and important to the success of any business leader.

CEOtoCEO Innovation Teams

These are small groups of CEOs, Business owners, and Organizational Leaders who come together on a monthly basis for the purpose of shared learning and assisting one another in the everyday leadership and management challenges of the business world. Our focus is on solving problems, increasing profits and dealing with the unique challenges faced by individuals at the top. Some refer to this as our “deep dive” groups because we go well below the surface of key business issues and provide in-depth content and discussion.

CEOtoCEO On-line Discussion

This is a very unique service offered by CEOtoCEO – designed to give you, the leader of your organization, 24/7 access to getting your questions answered by your peers. This an online solution, available on your desktop or mobile device, where CEOs exchange ideas with their peers, locate trusted resources, discover unique and informative content, and quickly solve real-world business problems. We offer a unique forum for instant interaction with CEOs in a secure and confidential setting.

Leadership of CEOtoCEO

John Hartman
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  • CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
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  • How do you find winners in a competitive marketplace?


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