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PRovoke Media produces content across multiple platforms, delivering the most sophisticated reporting and analysis of public relations trends and issues, along with an extensive global footprint of events and awards.

Founded in 2000, the media company has two core objectives. First, to inspire public relations professionals to deliver on the promise and live up to the ideals of the discipline by working in a way that delivers sustainable competitive advantage to their employers, demonstrates genuine commitment to the needs of an organization’s stakeholders, and adheres to the highest ethical standards. We do this by providing intelligent and insightful analysis the critical issues facing the profession and by challenging practitioners to consider the broader implications of their actions.

Second, to elevate the status of the discipline by proving to senior executives that public relations is a mission critical management function that can deliver extraordinary business value by aligning the behaviour of an organization with the expectations of its stakeholders, and by demonstrating to the wider public that public relations can and should serve as an advocate for more responsible business practices. We do this by showcasing best practices and rewarding exceptional work with awards and recognition and by fearlessly calling out practices that do not adhere to the highest ethical standards.

Previously known as The Holmes Report, PRovoke Media's products include :
-, which provides an unparalleled range of knowledge, analysis and insight into the public relations, along with our longform Premium Content offering— analyzing the issues, challenges and opportunities facing the business and the practice of public relations
- PRovoke's Global PR Summit, the definitive forum for the global PR industry
- The SABRE Awards, the world’s largest and most sought after public relations awards competition
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