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Security magazine is the security industry’s go-to source for enterprise security trends, metrics, news and more! For more than 50 years, Security magazine has provided information on important enterprise security issues – including risk management, cybersecurity, and leadership and management and more – for enterprise security leaders, giving them the edge to keep up in an evolving risk landscape.

This group is intended for enterprise security executives and cybersecurity professionals around the world to interact with each other, share ideas, suggest story concepts to our editors, and generally discuss the latest happenings in the enterprise security industry. Visit Security at to get even more news, educational webinars, reports, metrics and exclusive industry insight!
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  • Jason Lobell named Chief Technology Officer at Cyber Defense Labs
  • Kimberly Anstett Named Chief Technology Officer at Iron Mountain
  • Eve Maler Named Chief Technology Officer at ForgeRock
  • Chris Williamson Named Field Chief Technology Officer at FNTS
  • Andy Palan Appointed Chief Technology Officer at AdaptHealth Corp.
  • Innovyze Names Rick Gruenhagen Chief Technology Officer


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